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Motorola VE66 - All in one

motorola VE66 Motorola introduced this mobile phone with a big self-confidence. VE66 offers many features in 121 grams flip smartphone. It seems that Motorola came with the best available Motorola technologies ever. If you like Linux, I think you will not want to miss the VE66.

Motorola ZN5

motorola-zn5 With 5 megapixels Kodak camera the Motorola ZN5 creates high-quality photos with resolution of 2560 х 1920 pixels. You can also update inside memory (of 350 MB) by 4 gigabytes microSD memory card. Then you can easily share the pictures on Kodak gallery or other such places...

Motorola W156

Motorola w156 As Motorola introduced, this thin phone can affrod everybody. W156 has wide scale of functions that shows how this low-end cellphone attacks phones sold for average prices. This phone has an CrystalTalk so you can hear a clear calls in noisy places.

Motorola VE538

motorola ve538 Today I would like to introduce you a new Motorola family member. Cellphone has a name VE538 and it is marked as portable for social networks. But, you will see that it is not only for "on-line forever!" kind of users...

Motorola ROKR E8

Motorola MOTOROKR E8 MOTOROKR E8 is music cellphone that has been awaited for a long time. There are many fans of the E series. This phone is thin and looks like SLVR or MOTOFONE, but strongest feature is MP3 player here.

Motorola W180
Motorola W180 Motorola called W180 continues in a line of functional mobile phones . In this case, phone attacked the features like voice volume and high battery endurance. The look of phone is very similar to the newest SILVR phone.
PC Sync
PC Sync Motorola released software for data sync for mobile phone MOTORIZR Z8. You are now able to downolad from web for free instead of searching the original CD.
MOTORAZR2 V8 Luxury Edition
V8 Luxury Edition The luxurious version of V8 has it's official name. Luxury Edition coming! Let's see how beautiful is this new Motorola.
motorola q9. MOTO Q9h is a smartphone operated by system Windows Mobile. In the end, the phone has better control and broader number of functions.
Memory cards compatibility
microsd karta Read this if you don't know which memory card is compatible with your cellphone. You can find out that many phone has their maximum capability and there are also other phones which are not compatibile with memory cards at all. Like RAZR V8.